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Enterprise culture

the spirit of enterprise

top decoration the essence of corporate culture: "Taoism, stand; the way, specializing in service! "The source is traced back to Laozi's purpose of the construction of the world, top as fundamental to survival and development of enterprises coordinates.

"letter", is a consciousness state, and a inside evaluation, is performance Yu intangible, is is man of fundamental, and enterprise of backbone, lost this "letter" Word, everything are into "source", enterprise sought survival of road, first must to do of is how win Yu customer, and how win Yu employees, and how win Yu social, based on this, hundred forced "letter" Word determine for enterprise survival of based;

"service", performance for has type of behavior, it for how to achieved this "letter" Word provides provides has direction and way, "service", not only performance for hard, and hard, more important of, it reveals out enterprise sought seeking development of meaning--"moving and variable", social of civilization degree constantly improve, people on letter of evaluation increasingly tends to diversified, Enterprise except to is good of achieved people on traditional moral concept Shang on "letter" of requirements, more important of is, how through keen of observation, and Constantly improve the professional ability to discover, meet customers a higher level of "faith" demand, enterprise is always in exploration and reform in order to guarantee the growth of enterprises.  

top is decorated with a "trust" in order to survive, "diligence" and development, customer demand rising as the sole coordinates operation of enterprises, through the continuous improvement and innovation, with the most effective design and standardized construction, the most attentive service, customer needs, creating value for customers!

enterprise development goals

expansion of service edge, decoration services and customer combination of brand communications and marketing planning;

decorative niche market depth exploration, tailored for the specific customer group management system;

culture to attract highly specialized design, construction, management talent, from the differentiation of outstanding professional skills and business management services

Optimizing the combination of resources, enhance the industrial chain, and reduce costs for customers to save money

business philosophy:

"putting people first – build-for-sense customer service model;

quality first – requires scientific and standardized management, advanced technology and precise;

to enter into the better – to design, craftsmanship and always in a dynamic increase of State "

enterprise value system

core values: integrity strict   diligent and pragmatic   efficient innovation customer driven

1, personnel: the enterprise and employees are interdependent and that risk benefit sharing

2, management: advanced and efficient management create value for enterprises

3, design: towards a pluralistic value designed to help clients create value

4, construction: construction quality is the fundamental business survival needs.

5, service: customer's basic needs, potential demand and prospective demand for guidelines.