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Home decoration decorative materials and colour matching

there are a lot of families like to use white flooring, want to have a quiet family-friendly atmosphere. Top decoration we recommend that you use more light colors such as gray, easy to give the feeling of peace, will not cause the wall colors to floor color light "top-heavy".

yellow floor should be with the green wall, some families prefer to use the slightly yellow floor and walls using the "adjacent" rule, can be selected next to the yellow-green, so that you can create a warm atmosphere.

Red and Brown flooring suitable for blending colors, dark appeal and the floor is very strong and expressive personality and distinctive feature, such as the red color of the flooring itself gives people a strong feeling, if the wall with a thick coat of paint color, it is not compatible. But choice is ivory with pink and red-tinted floor form a sense of unity.

dark brown floors should be with beige, some heads of white walls and dark brown floors with, which will make the floor look very dark. If walls with Brown, beige, color of the walls and floors are accessible, space will seem big. Simple, fresh and elegant.