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Six ready for decoration

six ready for decoration

decoration decoration company to do some preparatory work before construction, for later decoration successfully completed. Under normal circumstances, prior to the start of the following:

1, renovation security deposit

community, as the case may be, there is no uniform standard. Completion of renovation returned to owners after 3 months.

2, entered into an agreement

residential property decoration issued by the signed agreement.

3, certification for starts

construction posted on their door for easy property inspection duration proved.

4, providing construction drawings

provide drawings of the home decoration, mainly water circuit renovation and demolition non-load-bearing wall project.

5, pass

mainly for workers handling to avoid illegal personnel into the community during the renovation.

6, trash pickup fee

this fee is used to cover property decoration of waste use, different fees charged by property management company are not the same.

do more preparatory work, decoration decoration master can be stationed in places.