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How to distinguish four method of fine ceramics and traditional ceramics

ceramics in the modern home decoration is common, but at the time of purchase, many homeowners may not be able to buy into the right value for money products, following top decoration company in four areas to teach you how to distinguish between the two. Decoration companies in Dongguan

1, in terms of performance, special ceramics with different special characters and functions, such as high strength, high hardness, resistance to corrosion, electrical conductivity, insulation and magnetic, electrical, optical, acoustic, biological engineering has a special feature, which is at high temperature, mechanical and electronic engineering, aerospace, medicine has been widely used.

2, in composition, composition decision of traditional ceramic composed of clay, and Kiln ceramics from different regions have different textures. Because of special ceramic materials are pure compounds, so the ratio of ingredients by artificial decision, whose nature by the purity of the raw materials and processes, rather than determined by the origin.

3, in the preparation process, breaking the traditional ceramic furnaces as the main means of production lines, the widespread adoption of vacuum sintering, protective atmosphere sintering, hot pressing, Thermo-static pressure and the like.

4, on the raw materials, breaking the boundaries of traditional ceramic to clay as raw materials, special ceramics generally oxides, nitrides, silicides, boride, carbide, such as main raw material.