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Office decorating color configuration

Office decorating color scheme

harmony of colors makes a positive, clear, light, pleasant cacophony of color, on the other hand, it makes the person feel negative, fatigue, depression, heavy. Especially in the Office, color on the human psychological effects cannot be ignored. Had a joint venture hotel for their staff to do this kind of training: a training room into a simulated restaurant, paint the walls a different color please "customers" to come.

restaurant on the first day are black, almost no one;

the next day is red, "customers" are few, even if someone did not sit for a few minutes to go;

the third day is light green, and results of friends don't count, "customers" after dinner sit long talk for a long time refused to leave. (Dongguan interior decoration)

see colours on the psychology of "sabotage" and "building", today's Office should learn to enjoy the color, but to nurture its own color awareness and aesthetic awareness. From our own in the work environment, from office furniture and office equipment, being a career woman, you become an expert at creating harmony. Once you have learned the use of colour and arrangement, one day, when depression is replaced by pleasure, your people and your body will become easier.

make your Office a fresh: If you were the boss's Secretary or Executive, you may have the opportunity to participate in choosing the color of office equipment. You should be aware of is that the modern office furniture about 5 shades: black, gray, Brown, dark red, and blue. Typically, different kinds of gray for desk; black or brown for boss chairs, and reception desks and chairs plain blue, and dark red Office Chair. Because blue is light, yet crisp red grave, there are lively; black, Brown has been very heavy, use them to decorate the room, will make you think. In General, the color configuration to the Office in accordance with the "jump, little harmony" principles. Big jump means between color changes. For example, you have 3 offices, 3 rooms to choose a completely different tone, but each House Windows and doors, furniture and even the floor which runs parallel to the Office of archives and petty office supplies to keep your overall harmony is little harmony principle. So, even though your work is limited in scope, and each one will give you a fresh feeling. But need a reminder, do not assume that Office work too monotonous, so Office furniture color can be "colorful." If the color is not harmonious, not only can make you feel comfortable, color imbalance will aggravate your fatigue.

the psychological significance of color in the Office:

in the Office, each color has its own language, convey it to your colleagues and customers some psychological message. Like, black to people alone sense, but while also has a noble and solemn; Brown let people think old, but different concentration of Brown not only no has old of dark, also will produced out a few minutes elegant; red big powder too publicity, if and quiet of cool take adjustable, can show young of lively; this white Naturals too plain, if and happy of warm led hand, on easily show himself of elegant. Again further, light purple distribution sky blue to people quiet of feel; magenta distribution Sapphire let people think crisp; plum distribution months white is is elegant; pink distribution this white convey youth breath; deep brown distribution pale yellow can let you looks compared mature; light gray distribution black is solemn; vermilion distribution black can attract other of sight; dark green distribution Naturals of match most natural; blue distribution light blue is was feel practical; as yellow distribution black, is can to people jumping of beauty. All in all, together with our own work environment of harmony could only rely on their own created. As long as you know, the color also has its own character and style, different color, "you help me, I help you", we can change the dull atmosphere of the Office, with an abundance of colorful.

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