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Interior decoration considerations

home decoration, owner of primary concern is the question of cost, and how to use the limited funds to decorate the most extreme homes? So before you decorate, must be worked out, only good planning can reduce costs, cost savings. Here, top decoration company specially for you this winter warmest home improvement information, lets you create the most beautiful home!

One of misunderstanding: candle decoration ceiling

roof ceiling (commonly known as the ceiling), its main role is to cover construction of some structures, such as: the title frame, beams, pipes and tuning spaces: in particular the amount of vertical space and, of course, can regulate the role of light and form a Visual aesthetic. Errors are only highlights of the current ceiling of local beauty, and neglected the overall co-ordination, undermined the overall harmony.

in the current room height under normal conditions of less than 2.6-2.8 m, on the room in three-dimensional space of more than 10 square meters area is coordinated, variable in the story are very limited. Current home decoration in the "ceiling" but space height can be reduced, it is impossible to have the opposite effect. This allows space becoming more narrow, gives rise to a feeling of oppression, makes the originally harmonious space imbalance, local decorative effect undermines the effect of the entire space. Should not be used when the ceiling is not only in the lower storey, and create home atmosphere and adjust the light should also be carefully considered. Now popular "back to nature", many people pretend wooden ceiling color ceiling, the ceiling darker, indoor light, and makes the room Dim, but also make the space seem more nervous. For environments larger living room in good lighting conditions (such as villas, villas, Marina Apartments, etc) application, you can create a special mood and atmosphere, but on our current living room of the apartment or common household, the wooden ceiling of the gains and losses are clear. There are many families in the ceiling was set in broad, loaded on formation of colored light or dark (Blu-ray) or warm (red) or grotesque (the Lantern) lighting atmosphere. And the co-ordination with the warm and tranquil atmosphere of the family, destroyed the home of conception.

Myth II: Wild wood Dado

"ceiling" and "floor" or "Dado" is the current home of three major projects, is almost essential for decoration, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Dado is primarily used for "wall" to protect the walls from man-made destruction and pollution and, of course, adjust Visual effects (such as the Division of space) and adjustment functions such as sound effects. Protective effect of Dado in home decorating is not significant, because the room is not a public place. Human damage and pollution of the wall is very small, often do not have many opportunities to touch, in particular general area of the room is very small and furniture arrangement can only be wall decoration. A case study of 14 square meters bedroom, its walls 15 meters in circumference, and double beds, bedside cabinets, dressing table, wardrobe, heating cover, up to 10 metres in length, excluding low cabinets, covered parts of nearly 2/3, Xia Yu wei/3 walls are sporadic, and daily average is not obviously part of the retaining wall and had no role. Even in the so-called Hall, imagine at least three rooms and a Hall of the Hall also has 6 gates, plus heating cover, floor to ceiling Windows, such as, how many goods "touches" the wall? To decorate rooms with expensive wood Dado, is not economically viable. Especially when the story is low, Dado dividing walls, prone to vertical compression of Visual effects, anti-less uniform wall surfaces can give the feeling of towering, so little room is open. Also popular of "soft package wall" also belongs to Dado of category, but it of nursing wall role has for regulation audio of function by alternative, main for large of room, and high-end study and dance Office, need sucking sound of environment, or big Bay luxury bedroom in the for overcome space had big and produced of "cold '', and" hard "sense, with soft package wall surface to create warm of private atmosphere of with. This decoration means should not be adopted in the current home d├ęcor, even if applied in the bedroom will because the space is small and it is packed in "jewel box" feeling, does not have the effect of warmth and tranquility. So, wood techniques such as Dado, soft wall, home decoration in "inputs, waste is not small, the result is bad" is not unreasonable.