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Kids room decoration is simple and useful the most important

kids room decoration is simple and practical and stop trying to stack some or many eye-catching colors for the design application in the children's room in the space. For example, children's room walls is not too fancy wallpapers or pictures posted, so as not to cause the child confused, agitated, children can be specifically paste pictures to guide children's aesthetic and intellectual development.

color, colorful bright colors are often children's rooms feature, but not what kind of color can be applied to children's room designs, not the color, the more the better. And for boys and girls, and have different color design.

to grasp fully in accordance with the children's perspective design and exhibitions of children's room furniture and items, do not use adult eye and esthetic to "decision" the needs of children. Moreover, the children's room should also pay attention to ease of use and comfort. For example, wood floors can be used on the ground as well as various pollution-free materials such as ceramic tile. With wood floor and tile easy to scrub even dirty doesn't matter.

according to expert opinions, in the children's room interior design, pink, pale yellow, green in the little girl's room in a universal and pure blue, green is the dominant color of little boys room.