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1 customers demand, including budget, function, and style requirements, grades demands, which is the basis of design information, this information does not identify no design

2 customer industry features, customer, enterprise culture, mode, staff basic information literacy classes, business major who, knowing this information aims at positioning the design style

3 customer customer groups feature, the principal means of business dealings with customers, customers gain access to the main routes, get the information for the main purpose was to locate the commercial exhibition design direction, determine the value of design goals

Dongguan modern office interior design

decoration company gave the customer Office decoration or ornament, decoration of the office layout, ventilation, lighting, design appropriateness of flow lines, color, and so on, effects on the mental status and efficiency of staff was great, old office equipment before are no longer adapted to the new requirements. How to make a high-tech office equipment better play the role requires good design and planning. The following design elements from the five points of modern office space:

first, in-depth understanding of the type of business and corporate culture

only fully understand the type of business and corporate culture, and can be designed to reflect the style and features of office space, the design has the personality and life.

Second, the knowledge of the enterprise's internal organization and their interlinkages

only understand the enterprise agencies to determine the needed area set up and plan the flow line. Prior knowledge of the company's expansion is of vital importance, so that enterprises in the process of rapid development, not frequently change Office streamlines.

third, forward-looking design

some of the Dongguan modern office decoration, and computers are indispensable. Large office network system is often used. Planning, communications, computers and power supplies, switches, sockets to note their integrity and usefulness.

four, don't forget the comfort criteria

Office design, you should try to use simple construction techniques, avoiding past shapes, tedious details, too many strong colors. When planning your lighting, air conditioning and select Office furniture, should take fully into account the adaptability and comfort.

five, advocate environment protection design

as an environmental Designer, interior designer, should be designed with the concept of environmental protection, energy-saving materials, money can be. Environmental science of consciousness should be strengthened.